Planning Division was established on 8 November 1976 to support and promote the achievement of the objectives of the University. Policies and goals. As well as support and information. Executives to help them with their decision. Allows for the most efficient operation of the University. Planning has improved and developed as follows.


24 January 1964
Established Chiang Mai University .The office of the President is the administrative center of the great virtues that university.
8 November 1976
Office of the President. Approved by the Civil Service Commission University (Feb) have divided government.
There are seven different armed forces responsible for the management of specific areas.
1. General Division.
2. Personnel Division.
3. Division of Student Affairs.
4. Finance Division.
5. Education Services Division.
6. Welfare.
7. Planning Division.
24 December 1978
Approved by the Civil Service Commission for Universities (km) to the Government.
The fourth line include.
1. Planning and Evaluation.
2. Research Institute.
3. Information Technology.
4. Administration.
30 December 1973 Civil Service Commission University (Feb) has approved updates to the program sections, including 5 are
1. Analysis plan and budget.
2. The master plan.
3. Research and Technology Institute.
4. International Affairs.
5. Administration.
30 March 1993 Affairs is developing. International Affairs Division. To support policy development into an international university.
10 November 1995 Assigned to the analytical evaluation of the plan and the plan by the Chiang Mai University.
4 December 2008 The Chiang Mai University announced. Notice the structure in the new University Center Office Office.
17 July 2021 set to cancel Central Administration (Administrative Work) According to the announcement, the statement in 2.5 of Article 2 of the Chiang Mai University Announcement Re: Division of Work in Center Division, Office under the University Office B.E. 2562 (2019)
18 July 2021 – Present Division of Planning, University Office The internal departments are divided as follows:
1. Strategic Planning
2. Budget planning
3. Strategic Information